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Over the past 15 years we have seen a growing trend for companies to outsource non-core activities as they struggle to master the myriad of global regulations and the technical complexity of SDS production. Quite simply it is better to outsource this activity than do a second- rate job and suffer the consequences. The problem that companies face is securing a quality service at the right price. Here at Global MSDS Ltd. we believe in leveraging our technical excellence through developments in IT to deliver high quality products and services at very competitive prices.

Why Outsource SDS production?

The purpose of outsourcing is to ensure best practice in key business components such as manufacturing, product/technology development, marketing, customer support and other vital processes. By divesting themselves of these non-core activities, companies are realising that they can focus their energy on areas where they have the competitive advantage, while differentiating themselves from their competitors and taking advantage of cost savings from the outsourced functions.

In this context one can divide all business processes into three categories:

  • Core activities that essentially define an organisation. If the organisation outsourced those activities to an external party, it would be creating a competitor or dissolving itself.
  • Non-core, non-critical activities such as cleaning, catering and security supply no competitive advantage. Even if performed poorly, they are less likely to seriously harm an organisation in the short term, although they are still important.
  • Critical but non-core activities, if not performed exceptionally well, will place an organisation at a competitive disadvantage or create business vulnerability. SDS production falls clearly under this third category.

SDSs are critical for the following reasons:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Product Safety and Liability
  • Corporate Image and Product Branding

Wanting to outsource your SDS production?

Our trained authoring professionals and technical teams can create and update your product SDSs using our world-class authoring software. Our team of experienced toxicology and ecotoxicology experts will review the available scientific literature and our DGSA trained classification experts will classify your product according to GHS, CLP and for transport. Our network of in-house and local, national linguists will translate any company-specific phrases ensuring an efficient and fast turn-around service. Outsourcing your SDS production to GlobalMSDS Ltd. Solutions will ensure you get high quality, multilingual SDSs with your corporate branding, on-price, on-time, every time.

GlobalMSDS Multi Lingual Services. Our trained authoring professionals and technical teams can create and update your product SDSs using our world-class authoring software

Wanting to supplement your existing in-house capability or capacity?

Our technical teams are at hand to provide you with technical support whether it is interpretation of REACH/CPL and GHS requirements for SDSs, CLP, GHS or transportation classifications, the Annex to the SDS and associated Exposure Scenarios or just making your existing SDSs multilingual or in a new format. GlobalMSDS Ltd. Solutions can provide those elements of support necessary to make your team work more efficient and effective. GlobalMSDS Ltd. Solutions can release your resources so that you can focus on ‘business winning’ opportunities.

Solutions Features

  • High quality SDS, e-SDS and labels with your corporate branding
  • Quick turn-around available
  • Trained and experienced staff
  • Expert technical back-up
  • Experienced industry based experts in international regulations
  • Network of local based experts in national regulations and product application regulations
  • Experts in Product Risk Assessment
  • All classifications including. GHS, CLP, etc.
  • Multiple formats
  • Over 35 languages
  • Documented advice

Latest News

Global Regulations is a database of over 20,000 Global Chemical regulations from over 130 countries developed by Global MSDS Ltd. It is searchable in any language and you can Read, Print and Download regulations in any one of 112 languages.
There is no need to register and it is completely FREE.

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Global MSDS Ltd and Hazmix® - working to grow your business.

With the proliferation of chemical regulations e.g. REACH across the world and challenges facing chemical companies such as tighter margins, aging workforce, shrinking specialist resources, the need to develop new technologies to access and interrogate global regulations has never been more important.

This situation is naturally compounded by the fact that many overseas regulations are only published in the local language rendering them unsearchable in the native tongue of many users. Costs of subscription to databases marketed by Regulatory Service Providers and translation of regulations are significant barriers to overseas business growth so low cost solutions in this area are needed.
Using our in-house team of multilingual chemists and regulatory experts we have developed a database of over 20,000 global regulations from 130 countries covering a wide range of chemical regulations that will be used to seed the application.
We worked with external technology partners to develop and adapt new technologies in language recognition/translation, data storage/searching and web delivery that make it possible to search within these pdfs in any language thereby effectively removing all linguistic barriers and improving access.
Currently the application can be used in 112 languages and is available at . We have made this system live on our secure server and since all development and maintenance costs have been waived, access by the global community is being made free of charge. We are proposing that the regulations database will be maintained going forward by crowd sourcing from within the global regulations community.

Yorkshire Chemicals Focus Awards, 2016

On 19th October 2016 there were lots to celebrate at the YCF Peoples Award Ceremony and Dinner held this year at the Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford.

Yorkshire Chemicals Focus Awards, 2016

Global MSDS Ltd sponsored and presented the Best Team Project to Chis Newby & Team, Nufarm for their outstanding work on bringing the new MCPA plant online with increased production rates and vastly improved availability. For the runners up there was great company and the casino.

Yorkshire Chemicals Focus Awards, 2016


Winner 2016

Winner of Product Services Supplier to the Chemical Industry 2016 – delivering high quality SDS in worldwide formats and languages

Chem North West winner 2016 - Product Services Supplier to the Chemical Industry Chem North West winner 2016 - Product Services Supplier to the Chemical Industry Chem North West winner 2016 - Product Services Supplier to the Chemical Industry


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REACH Registration

Contact us for the latest specialist advice and assistance on storage and transportation of your chemicals.

ECHA Reach Ready MSDS

Were you prepared for 1 June 2015? From this date the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation will be the only legislation to apply to the classification and labelling of both substances and mixtures.? more..

ECHA Approval


ECHA approves Hazmix access to Registration Data using deep web-spider technology. Classification and labelling inventory made accessible via wiki. Latest technology drives down cost of SDS production. SMART logic wizard extended to include classification for Transportation.

Mad March Announced

Hazmix went live in June 2015.

Chemicals North West

Tackling EU red tape (5 August 2013)
GMSDS and Hazmix featured in Autumn Elements magazine.


Global MSDS Ltd. database of National and International Regulations relating to chemicals and chemical based products goes global.

Watch this space
Global MSDS Ltd’s is making its database of Chemical Regulations available to everyone completelyfree.


The Global Regulations database contains over 16,000 Chemical Regulations set by 112 countries and regulatory bodies. The new search functionality developed with Google means that for the first time you can search within a regulation in any language e.g. you can search within Chinese regulations in any language.

This database compliments the comprehensively database (CAS indexed) of Occupational Exposure Limits set by 59 Countries and Biological Exposure Indices set by 8 countries across the world already freely available within Hazmix™.


Contact us for the latest specialist advice and assistance on classification of your chemical mixtures.

ECHA Reach Ready MSDS

Wiki access via deep web-spiders to ECHA C&L database containing 135,175 CLP classifications of which 4,522 are harmonised within the EU as well as our databases of 6,500 verified CLP, GHS and OSHA GHS classifications.

ECHA Reach Ready MSDS

Cloud based access to other Hazmix mixture and substance classifications combined with ability to create your own e.g. from supplier’s SDS. Full functionality including conc. Limits and M factors wired into SMART logic wizard for Supply classification according to the CLP regulation.


Contact us for the latest specialist advice and assistance on classification of your chemical mixtures.

SMART logic wizard for Supply classification according to the CLP, GHS and OSHA GHS regulations developed in conjunction with our in-house Toxicologist and Regulatory experts.

ECHA Reach Ready MSDS

Intuitive interface giving total flexibility allows for classification of phys chem properties by intelligence based decision pathways as well as tox and ecotox properties using SMART logic algorithms based upon mixtures rules linked to our 6,500 verified CLP, GHS and OSHA GHS supply classifications. Over-rides allow for expert intervention and data content to be adding via deep web spiders to ECHA registration data on 17381 unique substances and 66210 Dossiers.


Contact us for the latest specialist advice and assistance on transportation of your chemicals.


SMART logic wizard for Transportation reflecting the latest 2018 ADR, IATA and EAC updates. Newly added North American NA codes for domestic NA transportation. Full classification logic developed in conjunction with our in-house DGSA for all 9 transport classes. Intuitive interface giving total flexibility allows for both wild card searching of PSN or rule driven classification based upon supply classification and GMSDS’s SMART logic algorithms to deliver the most comprehensive information in section 14 of the SDS.


Chemicals North West Spring issue of Elements featured GlobalMSDS

Highlights and Upcoming events more..

Chemical data

The 2018 deadline for Registration is rapidly looming.


If you manufacture chemical substances or import them from outside the EU above one tonne per year, you may have registration obligations under REACH. Additionally, if you manufacture or import a product (mixture, article), it may contain substances that need to be registered individually. more..

Hazmix® access to ECHA’s data via deep web-spider technology is boosted to 17381 unique substances and information from 66210 dossiers as of January 2018. 135,175 entries in the Classification and labelling inventory made accessible via wiki. SMART logic wizard extended to include GHS and OSHAGHS classification and Transportation wizard to include latest modal regulations.

Hazmix® is 3 yrs old and has more functionality than ever. Lowering the cost of SDS production even further. ECHA News and event. more..